The Barefruit Solution

Generating highly targeted traffic by replacing DNS and HTTP errors with relevant advertising

Error Resolution

Barefruit generates highly targeted traffic by replacing DNS and HTTP with relevant advertising. Operating at network level, Barefruit technology enables ISPs to resolve error traffic aross the customer base with no capital outlay.

What We Do

Unique Relevance

The patented relevance engine and usability-tested landing page implemented by the Barefruit solution is helpful, relevant and most importantly, provides a 'go-forward' surfing experience.

Strong user confidence in our website suggestions, resulting in high levels of page interaction, is reflected in the market-leading monetisation we achieve.

Working With Us

Barefruit has a wide variety of partner ISPs globally including Tier One providers and national carriers.

Since launch, Barefuit's partner ISPs have benefited from economies of scale derived from volume-based advertising partnerships.