Opt Out

Using Barefruit for DNS and HTTP error resolution improves the user experience for the vast majority of Internet users by suggesting relevant alternatives as opposed to serving unintelligible error messages.

However, Barefruit recognises that some people - mainly technically savvy advanced users, may wish to opt-out of this service. If your ISP offers an opt out, we recommend you use this facility. If your ISP does not offer an opt-out please follow the instructions below.


If your ISP uses Barefruit's DNS service, you will need an alternative DNS resolver address to that provided by your ISP, which does not route to the Barefruit error page. This DNS resolver address can be used as a means of opting out of the error resolution service. There are several publicly available, free of charge DNS addresses that can be used for this purpose. See the following links for further information on choosing an alternative DNS resolver address or search the Web for others:

  • forum.iopus.com

The above is a link to an external website which lists publicly available resolvers. Barefruit has no control over the content of this website.

Barefruit recommends that users follow the instructions supplied by the provider of the alternative DNS address. This DNS address must be hardcoded either into the network settings of your connection or on to your router or UHP DSL modem.