Our Technology

User experience lies at the heart of our success.

Barefruit's guiding principle is to provide useful, relevant site suggestions instead of dead-end 'This Page Cannot Be Found' error messages.

On-the-fly Analysis

Based on the belief that relevant results will naturally monetise, this focus led to the development of Barefruit's patented relevance engine, designed specifically for on-the-fly analysis of error pages, which has allowed Barefruit to become the market-leader in error resolution.

The intended destination of a user who generates an error cannot be solely understood through analysis of the domain name. Analysing all available information, such as the full path, referring URL, and content of the page that the error originated from, is vital. Without it, a user attempting to visit www.golf.con is presented with search suggestions for golf clubs and courses. With more detailed analysis, the user is understood to have been attempting to access www.golf.con/volkswagen, and search results based on Volkswagen Golf cars are returned. Barefruit analyses the error only, never touching data relating to users.

Monetisation through Relevance

To ensure relevance remains at the heart of the Barefruit service, we've spent the past five years manually refining our taxonomy and understanding the common patterns found in errors, to further increase our relevancy and performance. Coupled with continuous A/B testing and error data pooled from the over 20 million users, Barefruit achieves the best possible user experience, and as a result, the best possible monetisation.