How does Barefruit handle customised error pages?

These are ignored by Barefruit and returned to the user without interruption. This can be altered to serve any response agreed with the ISP.

How does Barefruit handle generic keywords?

The page shows PPC or algorithmic search results. However, if for example, all instances of selected key terms like '8 meg broadband' or 'ADSL' can be used to display an alternative page as requested by the ISP. This element of the Barefruit service is optional and can be tailored to an ISP's requirements.

How quickly can we switch your service off?

The service can be switched off easily by the ISPs' engineers and without disruption to the users.

How does Barefruit handle incomplete and misspelled URLs?

Barefruit has a database of over 7,000 brands worldwide. If a user correctly spells the domain name, but mistypes another part of the address ('www.asda.co.up' for example), they will be taken directly to the correct page they were looking for as well as being given the option to search again for what they were looking for.

If a user enters a misspell of a brand name that appears in our database of brand misspells ('www.asdaa.co.uk' for example), they will be shown a banner link to the site they were looking for, along with sponsored results, derived from the brand name.

Can users opt-out of the Barefruit DNS service?

Yes. Barefruit strongly recommends that all ISPs offer an opt-out facility to users. Barefruit recognises that some users may not wish to use the service. In the first instance, users should contact their ISP who will advise on how to opt-out. Alternatively, if an ISP does not have an opt-out facility in place click here for details of how to opt-out.