Mobile Developers

These days, more and more people use their mobile devices as their primary method of accessing the web. As the usage of phone and tablet based browsers continues to increase, so will the opportunities for mobile DNS error monetisation.

By integrating the Barefruit solution within your mobile application, you can increase your revenue stream by tapping into the DNS error market and sharing in the commission generated by your users.

How it Works

With a revenue model designed to suit all sizes of mobile app developers, Barefruit's secure solution can be easily downloaded as part of any application. Once installed, any DNS errors originating from the device will be resolved and monetised by Barefruit - of which you will receive a share of any revenue.

Why work with Barefruit?

  • Increase your app's revenue potential by tapping into the DNS error market;
  • Enhance your user's web browsing experience;
  • Use our simple Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate the Barefruit solution with your application;
  • Transparent and accurate revenue reporting;

For further information on how to integrate Barefruit with your mobile application, or to download a copy of our SDK, please get in touch.