Advertiser Partnerships

Barefruit works with leading ISPs around the globe. Barefruit generates high volume, high-quality traffic by replacing DNS and HTTP errors with relevant alternatives.

High Quality Traffic

Barefruit's unique technology will also analyse the error to identify mistyped common brand names, for example 'fatfinger' syntax mistakes (such as ww. or .con), mistyped brand domain names caused by keyboard proximity, letter repetition or letter reversal and will display the appropriate brand banner with a 'Did You Mean?' link to the correct brand site.

Barefruit only replaces DNS errors on their way to the user and never touches valid domain names.

Barefruit partners with well-known, trusted PPC and CPA partners to deliver the most relevant and effective advertising campaigns.

For further information on how to take advantage of Barefruit's advertising opportunity, please contact Nathan Clare ( on +44 (0)207 637 0304.

Partnership Opportunities

Barefruit has a worldwide partnership with Yahoo! to provide CPC listings in all major territories. Barefruit displays listings based on the most relevant keyword, resulting in high CTR and repeat user behaviour.

Barefruit partners with over 10,000 global brands to provide CPA advertising revenue. Barefruit's Brand navigation capability enables users to reach the advertiser's site. When a user spells a domain name correctly but makes a syntax error e.g. www.barefruit.con the user is taken directly to the site.

CPM campaigns can also be run across our network, with the availability of both targetted or run-of-site inventory.