Technical Requirements

Barefruit's lightweight and flexible patch is easily implemented within an ISP's network. Capable of capturing and resolving errors through all the major software providers, and with the ability to be disabled at a moment's notice, Barefruit always remains fully under control of the ISPs’ technicians.

The only requirement for ISPs to capture DNS errors is the integration of a Barefruit BIND, PowerDNS or djbdns patch into their DNS Software installations running on existing DNS Resolvers. No extra hardware is required. It is also possible to integrate the Barefruit solution into DNS infrastructures that use bespoke or non-standard DNS caching systems.

The Barefruit DNS solution only captures NXDomains resulting from 'A' Resource Record requests. The captured NXDomains are subject to further filtering via a simple, user-definable rules-based system with an additional option of applying IP definable Action Control List's (ACL). This gives the ISP complete confidence that no valid user traffic is being intercepted.

To implement the Barefruit HTTP solution it will be necessary to use an in-line device, for example a proxy device or a DPI system to intercept returning HTTP errors. The Barefruit solution can be deployed with Blue Coat, Squid and NetCache proxy systems and all major DPI devices: Sandvine, Procera, Arbor etc.

Every ISP's network is unique, and Barefruit can be successfully integrated into almost any environment. To find out how quickly Barefruit can begin trialing with your user base, please contact us.