Market Leading Monetisation

The patented relevance engine and usability-tested landing page implemented by the Barefruit solution is helpful, relevant and most importantly, provides a 'go-forward' surfing experience. Strong user confidence in our website suggestions, resulting in high levels of page interaction, is reflected in the market-leading monetisation we achieve.


Barefruit has spent the past five years building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our best-of-breed advertising partners, working together to provide useful results to our customers and generating the maximum revenue from ISPs' error pages.

The advertising Barefruit serves is never intrusive; used only to form part of the user's browsing journey, the suggested results are always relevant and are never displayed to the detriment of the user experience.

Barefruit utilises CPC search, CPA affiliate and CPM banner advertising , where appropriate, and has built partnerships with the market leaders in each of these sectors. High conversion rates has ensured that advertisers recognise Barefruit traffic as highly relevant with lasting ROI, allowing us to achieve the best available commissions.

Global Presence

As Barefruit's global presence has expanded, so has the reach and depth of our advertiser base. With multi-lingual capabilities and partnerships with the regional advertisers, Barefruit provides a local user experience, backed by the experience and reach of a global company.


Alongside continually A/B testing our landing pages, and expanding our advertiser base, we are always searching for new opportunities to improve the user experience and to optimise our error monetisation. To discuss advertising opportunities on the Barefruit network, please get in touch.